Libros de Blackjack

Ha habido varios libros e calidad escritos sobre el tema del blackjack. Muchos de estos libros fueron escritos por algunos de los mejores jugadores profesionales de blackjack de todos los tiempos. Ya sea para aprender los fundamentos con un viejo clásico, como Blackjack professional de Stanford Wong o para estudiar técnicas avanzadas como Omega II, hay algo en esta lista para cualquier jugador, de cualquier nivel, y para ayudar a aumentar su confianza con una estrategia ganadora.

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You will find a wide variety of subtopics that can help you learn the complex mathematical theory underlying the game of blackjack (The Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin), and there are even books on the list that will help you learn how to make a career out of your time at the table (Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere).

The former is an advanced volume that reads much like a college textbook for the mathematically oriented. The latter is a systematic breakdown of how to turn your blackjack hobby into a practical business, written by an experienced player and former pit boss who has experienced blackjack success on both sides of the table.

Blackjack Books On Strategy & About Pro Players

Some books—found in the lists below—focus on strategy, while others are more focused on the true stories of pro player’s exploits in the big casinos. Several books on these lists are a combination of these concepts.

For example, The Las Vegas Blackjack Diary follows the author’s eight-week campaign in Vegas casinos.  Although it’s a narrative, it also offers a number of practical survival tips for a card counter touring the strip.

There are also books that explain the variants of the game, such as Pontoon. Several books delve deep into theory and offer insight into complex card-counting techniques, while other books break down simple but effective methods for beating the house.

Whatever your specific interest, the reviews and recommendations below will introduce you to books that, when added to your reading list, will help you learn winning strategies for blackjack play, and may inspire you to set out on your own adventure to win big.

Here you will find additional information on some of the most well-known books on blackjack. These books will help you learn and gain insight into how these players became pros and made millions from their playing by applying winning strategies to the game. Knowledge is power, and these lists provide plenty of power in word form to fuel your success in blackjack. Take the time to read a few of them, and prepare to take your play to the next level.

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