A blackjack players basic reading list

Peter Griffin - Gambling RamblingsEvery novice Blackjack player should begin by reading up on the subject, thorough knowledge is no substitution for experience, in any field of competition. We have collected a few books that, when read, studied, and applied, will give you an advantage over the average Joe that walks in and sits at a table. Knowing the rules isn’t as valuable as knowing the game, but these books will make you an above average player before you ever step foot in a casino.

Want to go from beginner to knowledgeable in a few short chapters? How serious of a player are you? Do you want to play? Or Win? Blackjack for Blood: the Card Counter’s Bible and Complete Winning Guide by Bryce Carlson will help you take your first leap in taking on the world of Blackjack. Containing multiple walk-throughs in popular strategies in the counting game, this book will help you choose the strategy that best fits your blackjack game and more importantly, your skills as a counter.

Stanford Wong, an internationally successful Blackjack player, shares his more potent secrets in his second book, Blackjack Secrets. Blackjack Secrets describes a simple, but very effective way of turning the game of blackjack into a worthwhile investment. Wong doesn’t fool around with any old wives tricks or rules of thumb; he gives you a powerful, short, simple system that will give you an advantage over the house in any casino.

Edward Thorp Beat the DealerAs more casinos adopt multiple deck blackjack in order to combat counting, the need for multiple deck strategy becomes more and more important. Beat Multiple Deck Blackjack by Martin Jensen is the key to tackling this problem. Many Blackjack strategies become useless when another deck is added, but this book will give your game the flexibility to circumvent this casino countermeasure with a few short tips, tricks, and strategies.

Ken Uston, first book contained accurate analysis of the game and a few useful tricks in his first book, making an overall average book on the game of blackjack, but he now tells us that he indeed withheld a few of his secrets because he didn’t want them to be used against him. Now retired, for reasons explained in the book, Uston has released a second book, Million Dollar Blackjack, is an arsenal of veteran expert tips and secrets only a handful of players shared in the world a decade ago.

The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book is not the greatest blackjack book in the world as the title modestly claims, but does include some information that will give your game some mobility. This book contains various strategies and different tips for playing in different cities and also contains guides for playing in other countries, something that is invaluable to the serious Blackjack player. Written by two Ph.D.s, this book contains perhaps the most valuable betting system in the game, so take a look!Lawrence Revere - Playing Blackjack as a Business

  • Blackjack for Blood: the Card Counter’s Bible and Complete Winning Guide by Bryce Carlson
  • Blackjack Secrets. Blackjack Secrets by Stanford Wong
  • Multiple Deck Blackjack by Martin Jensen
  • Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston
  • The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book by Lance Humble, Ph.D, and Carl Cooper, Ph.D